2nd Prize at the National Package and Label Design Awards // Sofia's Drop Olive oil
Speech at Panorama Design 2011 // Kommigraphics
The Dieline Wine blog // The online Packagine Gallery


December 2013

Kommigraphics Design Studio has been awarded with the Golden Ermis Award for its work on the online platform DesignLobby.asia at the Digital/ Websites.

April 2009

Illustration artwork is included in the 2009 Semi Permanent Book.

December 2011

Speech & Project Presentation at Panorama Design 2011

April 2011

Finalist at the Evge (National Graphic Design and Illustration Awards) catalogue, for Alcoholic Drinks Packaging.

November 2006

Artworks and Interview at the "Carpal Tunnel" online Design Magazine.

October 2012

Two projects of our Studio are featured @ Branding Element Logo 2 by 

SendPoint Publications

September 2007

Installation work is featured at the 2007 London Design Festival.

Merit Award EBGE / Ypokataskevi - Cultural Event Brochure

APRIL 2013

Merit Award EBGE / Ypokataskevi - Cultural Event Brochure


Kommigraphics website has been awarded as WINNER OF THE DAY


November 2012

Kommigraphics Design Studio's work (Smoothtraxx logo) is featured at the Music chapter of "LOGO BOOK" by Index Books Publications.

JULY 2012

Our work is published as the DesignandDesign awards.

July 2012

Our work is published at the Italian inspiration source Nykyinen

June 2012

Brand Implementation of "Dimisianos Coiffures" is featured in the"Branding Element Logos #2 by SendPoint Publications.

May 2012

Finalist at EUROPIAN DESIGN AWARDS for Dimisianos Coiffures Brand Implementation.

March 2011

Logos featured at the "Logo Design vol.03" Book by Taschen

JUNE 2012

Project Dimisianos Coiffures is hosted @ New Grids Blog.

January 2011

Logos featured at "Logo from Dreams"


2nd Prize at the National Package Design Awards (Greece) for Sofia's Drop Olive Oil

August 2010

Logo featured at "Logo of the Day" blog.

APRIL 2012

Finalist at EBGE AWARDS for Dimisianos Coiffures web design.

June 2010

Award Winner at Wolda (The worldwide Logo Design Annual)

July-August 2004

Group Exhibition at the "Gallery" Athens - Greece.

Theme: Textures & Bodies.

October 2010

Santameriana's Wine Packaging featured at "The Dieline / Wine" 

November 2008

Artworks are included in the 2edged online Magazine

April 2008

Merit winner at the "Calendar category" @ EVGE (National Graphic Design and Illustration Awards)

July & Semptember 2006

Cover Illustration for Flavorpill online magazine. issue 126th Sand Fransisco) & issue 230th Los Angeles.

July 2007

  • Illustration artwork is included in the 2007 Semi Permanent Book - by Semi Permanent Design Events and Design is Kinky
  • Cover Illustration for Book Magazine / Nafpaktos City
  • Fashion Illustration artwork for the "Big Book of Fashion Illustration" by Martin Dawber 

December 2005

Article Illustration for Computer Arts Magazine (UK)

February 2007

Interview & Artworks featured at +Design Magazine (National magazine for Graphic Design, Illustration and Visual Communication)

November 2005

1st Prize at Illustration competition held by Computer Arts magazine (UK)

November 2003

Group Photography exhibition in Hanover - Germany * Theme: Book Covers

November 2011

The package design of Sofia's Drop gets in the world's Nr 1 package design site "The Dieline" and we couldn't be happier.

August 2011

Kommigraphics website has been awarded as the "Site of the Day" by Awwwards

September 2011

Kommigraphics at the CSSGALLERYPRO



Kommigraphics Web site has been featured at the QNT GALLERY. It's an honor indeed.