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We’re Kommigraphics, an independent visual communication agency, creating custom web design, brand identities, packaging design with immersive print & digital experiences for brands across different markets and around the globe.

A strategic print and web design company that embraces your vision and tells your brand’s story!

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We believe in the power of strategic custom design, providing a solid communication language between brands and their audiences. Specialists in branding, web design services, packaging design and strategic analysis, we implement projects across a wide range of markets and media.

Kommigraphics stays tightly bonded to its main value, the value of custom services throughout any project.


In digital design, we always analyse all major business scopes and objectives, the communication strategy and form a well-structured plan, so that our design has a purpose and serves all needs of a brand.
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Kommigraphics’ dedicated web development services department consists of highly experienced and skilled programmers that really are the heroes of all those sexy animations, full responsive websites, the beautiful loading effects and all new technologies applied on our creations.
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Any brand or product needs a unique story, a story that is communicated through design so that they connect with people. That story is what's really needed to start designing an original and unique concept!
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Specialising in effective branding and design for all means of communication, digital or printed form, Kommigraphics stays tightly bonded to its main value, the value of custom services throughout any project.
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Any brand’s messages are communicated through design, as design is the ambassador of a brand’s identity. Design is making a statement that represents a brand and can surely make all the difference of how a brand can evolve.
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