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Website Design
Custom and always fully responsive websites and digital design, by our award winning team.

digital design

In digital & website design, we always analyze all major business scopes and objectives, the communication strategy and form a well-structured plan, so that our design has a purpose and serves all needs of a brand.

We closely define a plan of all user interface (UI) as well as user experience (UX), so that it’s totally agreed on, following the architecture of your new custom digital home, built to compliment your brand’s.

website design services

Kommigraphics specializes in custom website design services, always aligned to the strategic planning of a brand.

Taking care of digital projects on a personal level, ensures that we get to understand the business, ask the right questions and most importantly, give the right custom and unique solution to each project.

website design


blog design

Our custom digital services cover a wide range of a brand’s digital needs, ranging from website design, multilingual news portal and blog websites, to e-commerce and blog design as well as custom platforms, content management systems and mobile web applications.

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  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Website
  • Landing Pages
  • On-line Platforms
  • Mobile Website
  • Multilingual Portals
  • Blogs
  • User Interface & User Experience
  • Blogs
  • Portals website
Responsive Design
By strictly following the specifications of all modern technologies, we design and implement all kinds of digital applications with consistency on all screen resolutions.
Content and aesthetics
By fully understanding the content and analysing the information architecture for each project, we design aesthetically and functionally awesome websites and digital applications.
Whatever the application we design for, we approach it strategically, so that the overall experience is enjoyable, creating returning visitors.