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the Right Process

Kommigraphics Design Studio -
Kommigraphics Design Studio -

1. Meet Up

The first step is to get to know each other, examine your needs and the best possible solutions that we can offer to your project. Every project is different, each project has its unique insights and every project reflects a vision. We need to get to know the driving force behind each project, that’ s its people.

2. Briefing

Based in the input information, such as a brief or the general idea, we develop the concept, the creative part of the project. With a intensive research & marketing involvement we send you a benchmark, mood board and the concept’s definition of your brand.

3. Quote

By analyzing the checklist of services and solutions, we give an estimate or quote regarding the project’s cost. We offer a list of services but it can be customized depending on the project.

4. Design

Custom Design, our passion. We give solutions based on your needs, paying attention to every detail of the project, so that we create memorable brands that engage our clients with their clients.

5. Production

We make sure to choose the right suppliers in order to create a unique print or web product ready for the specific market of the project.

6. Delivery

As a final step, we deliver and supervise the final  product. Print or Web, we are in charge that everything  goes according to the plan so you don’ t have  to worry about anything. We  just love to make you happy.

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people. Thomas J. Watson

Let us know of your needs and we’ll guide you throughout the process to make the correct decision that gives an answer to your request